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It's all about Everyday Essentials.

First and foremost clothes should protect you from wind and weather.
Second, clothing is like second skin and should be comfortable.
Third, clothing shows who you are and you can only make the first impression once.

Even more important than the above is that it is about women and their clothing preferences.
Feminine basics in today’s clothing should be practical, comfortable but certainly also fashionable.
Clothing, with a feminine and no-nonsense look that you can wear every day and at any time.
Minimalist women clothing because less is more.

The high quality viscose fabrics are often with stretch yarn, for your comfort and because fabrics and colors last a long time.
The same goes for the cotton sweat fabric.
There is also linen and embroidery in the collection for warm summer days.
Most of the used fabrics are Oeko-Tex® certified and garments are Made in Holland.

Colors are mainly basic like offwhite, chalk, army, sand, navy and black, so that it is easy to mix and match with your wardrobe.

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